Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I missed you. (heart hug)

So..... school kicked my butt this semester.

When I wasn't falling asleep at my computer in the middle of watching online lecture videos, I was living at the library trying to write papers or read. I'm lucky I have a husband who can raise my children for me... because that's what happened.

That's only about 3/4 of my school books. I had six other books for Anatomy and Physiology alone. Oi vey. Totally random selection, right? Plants, Marie Antoinette, and Ireland. With a bit of U.S. history thrown in. That's where my focus was... all over the place. Overall, it was an awesome semester. Exhausting, anxiety riddled, and sleepless, but awesome. Here's why:

1) I joined two honor societies: one for education and one for history. I am now an officer for the history honor's society and I will be presenting my research at a regional conference next spring. I will also be submitting a paper to a national competition for undergraduate research. Whoa.

2) I fell in love with my professor. Not in a creepy, stalker, icky way. I had one professor for two classes which meant I was seeing him four days a week. He had the best personality and experiences. I could and did talk to this guy for hours. He has become an amazing role model to me and really boosted my confidence about myself and my academics. It's because of him that I will be looking at Master's degrees in history rather than education and presenting my research. If I can ever become half the teacher he is, I'll be full of win. (stopping with teh fangirl)

3) I got to listen to real life Holocaust survivors speak about their experiences. Amazing.

4) I won a wicked cool zombie poster during Zombie Apocalypse week. Best. school. event. ever.

5) I found out that I am running out of financial aid and don't have enough money to finish school (enter breakdown and emotional angst here.) I applied for and received a $3000 scholarship to help pay for school. I'm waiting to hear back on a few others.

6) I was invited to attend a Professional Achievement Evening with my peers and professors in the College of Education and listened to some pretty impressive people speak. (This is where I was awarded my scholarship.)

7) I got to see some amazing friends graduate this semester. I'll miss them, but I can't wait to go visit their classrooms or help them sneak into classes on campus because they miss me.

8) I got a 101% in two classes. I got a perfect score on my final in another class. My final paper in yet another class is being considered for publication.

That's my roundup. I didn't get all A's this semester. I got a B in Anatomy and Physiology which I am completely ecstatic about because the class average was a low C. That class was tough. Uber tough.

I'm excited to remember that I have a blog. I'm even more excited to post on it. I found myself missing this little corner of the interwebz. Now that I have time to breathe (not even kidding) I've already started baking and crafting and getting my kids to do fun things with me. I can't wait to drive you all crazy with my on-going-on's. ;)

Talk soon!!!

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