Crafty and Crochet Creations

These are some of my favorite creations that I have come up with. I love to focus on gifts that I can make myself or kid crafts that I can get my lovely children involved in. Please feel free to pin, share, and make my creations! I only ask that you link back to my original post so that I can see what magical things you come up with. :)

Some of these are the results of following others' tutorials. I appreciate  how amazing and time consuming a good tutorial can be. I am forever bookmarking or pinning tutorials that I swear I will do.  Sometimes they turn out great. Sometimes not. It depends on the day and how well I can follow directions. I always provide a link somewhere in the post back to the original tutorial.

Please click on the link below the pictures to take you to the post!

My Crochet Collection of My Little Ponies: 

Rainbow Dash


Other Crochet Creations:

Triangle Fringe Scarf
Magical Melty Bead Bowls
Apple Stamp Card

Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint

Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelet

Baby Crafts and Toys:

Crinkle Sensory Baby Toy

Toilet Paper Roll Teacher Thank You Card

Homemade Febreeze

Watermelon All Fruit "Cake" (for version 2.0 click here.)

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