Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tutorial Tryout: Onesie dress with a matching hair bow!

Woo hoo! Look what I made!

So I fell in love with these adorable onesie dresses the first time I saw them. I didn't think they would be too hard to make, but there are SO MANY tutorials out there. I found a few I liked and decided to take the plunge. Unfortunately it's a tent still on lil miss Sagey poo because it's a 6 month onesie, but it was laundry day when I started this project and a 6 month size onesie was the only size I could find.  Also, it's my first attempt at applique and I'm hooked.

I relied mainly on the skirted onesie  tutorial from Running With Scissors because I liked that it kept the bum of the onesie intact. I hate diapers showing and didn't want to take the time to make a diaper cover. While I was cutting out my fabric I decided to try a bow tutorial as well. It's so much cuter when hair bows and outfits are perfectly matched, right? The bow tutorial was SUPER easy and from Momtastic.

I had some adorable paisley fabric and this onesie. The dream on the front was cute, but so light it was hard to read, so I kind of wanted to cover it up. I cut a heart out of the fabric, sewed it on, and used the handy applique stitch on my sewing machine. It didn't quite cover all the green, but for a first shot, I am super impressed with myself. We'll see how it holds together after Sage wears it a time or two.

I tried to add the sleeves as in the tutorial, but they were too small and I was too lazy to cut and sew new ones. When you are cheating on your baby with your sewing machine, time is limited. As it was, this took two days to get done in between mom chores.

I think I have finally succumbed to the hair bow/flower making craze. I have made a few here and there, but the fabric bows and flowers are stinkin' adorable and quick enough that I can actually get them done during nap time. Lily has already requested some. I told her she could pick out some pieces from my fabric stash and help me make them.

Anyway, there you have it! Sweetie pie dress with my first ever applique and a matching cutie bow. Now I have to make one in a size she can actually wear right now!


  1. It's about time!!! Yay!!!! I am happy to see your new blog!

    1. Thanks Susan! You're one of the reasons I started!


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