Thursday, May 31, 2012

The best intentions...

... always seem to get hit with a semi-truck.

I have had one heck of a week.

Our doggie is out of the woods concerning his eye, but there's still about a 30% chance we may end up with a one-eyed pirate dog. I spend more time giving that dog medication than I'd like to admit. Not to mention we found a needle in his leg that was a catheter that was supposed to have been taken out from his surgery on APRIL 30th. Yeah, I was not amused. Luckily, the vet's office was pretty on the ball and helped us out so that I didn't have to go crazy Jessi on them.

Next, we have Lily's last week of school. Tomorrow, my baby is done with the first grade. I swear it feels like I was wondering how the hell it was only September just a few weeks ago, but time flies. She's had pajama day, hat day, field day, water day, talent shows... man. It's hard to keep up with the end of school year madness. We've also enrolled her in tumbling and a ballet class for summer. I'm really excited about that because I really don't want a couch potato zombie child for the summer.

We also have the pleasure of Nic's mother coming to visit this weekend! Which means a crazy mad dash of house cleaning and organizing. She hasn't come to visit since Sagey Poo was born, so I'm excited to see her. I've lucked out and gotten an awesome mother-in-law. My sister is also coming home (YAY!) and so this weekend is going to be full of happy, family chaos.

Cleaning with a carbuncle that is otherwise called Sage makes for some interesting chore time by the way. It's quite funny to try and fold laundry when the baby in your lap keeps trying to eat it. I tried giving her a toy to chew on to distract her, but she's too smart for that. She wants to chew and slobber on whatever Mama has in hand.

I haven't finished teacher thank you cards, my rag quilt, or any of the other fun stuff I was planning for this week. Go figure. I should hopefully have some time tonight to get those cards done because, hey, last day of school tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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