Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am so. tired. of. studying.

I am two finals away from freedom. Two finals away from the pile of crafty projects I have spinning around in my head. Two finals away from playing with my girls. Two finals away from cleaning my wreck of a house. (I really need to figure out a better system than relying completely on the husband for the last two weeks of school.) Two finals away from having a snuggly movie night with my hubs without guilt. Two finals.

I had a final today and it went... well let's just refer to what the hubs said to me earlier today. "It's good to get bad grades once in shows your teachers you know more of the alphabet than the letter A." Har. Har. Har. I was so stressed out and mad at myself. I think I'll have my first C in a class since going back to school. That's a big deal when you're an OCD nerdy school lover.

New baby, school, and regular life all rolled into one is freaking hard. Sometimes I just want to throw my books and color coded binders across the room and/or set them on fire. I thought a semester pregnant was hard. Pffft. I'd take morning sickness during Biology Lab anytime over trying to teach myself Chemistry on 2 hours of sleep with a screaming baby. It's not just the lack of sleep and the waiting until last minute to turn in every assignment. It's the mom-guilt that I'm not focusing on the girls. Lily needs just as much one on one time as the baby. It's been hard to have to say that I can't play because I have homework or to plead in my head for the baby to go to sleep so I can meet an assignment deadline. I'm not going to school this summer and I am so happy. There's lots of plans and fun brewing and I can't wait.

I'm sure come July or so I'll be screaming for school again. I can't stay away from it too long, I love it dearly even though I bitch about it a lot.

So tomorrow bright and early at 7:30 AM (I still say that's psychological warfare) I'm off to do final one of two. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I will be home free. And I must say, I've never been so perfectly ready to fail a final in my life!

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