Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puppy Love. Sort of.

This is our poor dog right now. It's pretty funny when I forget to be sad for him. See, the thing you have to understand about Tobi is this: he's pretty dumb on a good day. While he was given an adorable face, he's got less brain power than a small voltage battery. We have two dogs actually. Tobi is a Shih Tzu XL... meaning he's about twice the size of a normal Shih Tzu. Seriously. He's bulky. Not fat bulky, just larger than your average adorable quaint Shih Tzu. He likes to escape constantly for his own little pleasure jaunts and let me just say, he's an excellent escape artist. My husband loves this dog who makes rocks look intelligent and it's mutual. Tobi will actually sit with his nose pressed to the crack at the door and wait for Nic to come back from work. He'll then try to jump up on the couch and miss with a nice little back flip for flourish at the end.

Our other dog is Lela. She's half Chihuahua and have Chinese Crested. Chinese Cresteds are mostly hairless. So Lela has the buggy Chihuahua eyes with rhino skin that grows hair in a pattern that roughly resembles a sweater with holes on her body along with fur on her ears, tail, and feet. She's also special. She likes to lick my feet when I lay on the couch despite my repeated attempts to help her understand that touching feet is just. not. cool.

Anyway, Tobi has an eye ulcer. Yes, I thought it sounded weird too. I had to take to poor guy to the vet because his eye was all nasty looking. We get there and the vet tells me that my dog is going to go blind unless they STITCH HIS EYELID SHUT. Yuck. So now I have to give him eye drops three times a day in the tiny little spot they left open which means I have to touch the stitches and then shove pills down his throat.

The things I do for love.

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