Thursday, October 24, 2013

My little feature!

Craft Frenzy Friday

My little (crocheted) ponies project was featured! Check it out at Craft Dictator!

(I got buried under homework again, can you tell?) 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

PONY (pizza princess) PARTY: the final three

So, as I should have anticipated, the last three ponies were a mad dash rush. School seems to be pouring out homework and exams and papers and certification exams... so I was crocheting around all of that while trying to remember important things like bath time, dinner time, laundry time, and snuggle time. Being a mom is tough! Being a school attending mom of two who is working on her teaching certification and with a compulsion to crochet awesome gifts (and blog about it!) makes for one extremely busy schedule.  So, I'll apologize for my lack of blogging/FB updating/emailing lately. I also can't express how much your well wishes on FB as I was taking the ginormous tests for my teaching certification meant to me. You helped me pass! Really!

Now on to the moment I've been promising.... PONY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!

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Pony number four was Twilight Sparkle. This was no regular Twilight Sparkle, she had to be an alicorn. For you non-MLP people (is it alright if I come stay with you for awhile?) that means a pony who is both pegasus and unicorn. It's a big deal. There was much screaming and joy jumping at my house when Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn.

Cute, right? You can't see her wings very well in this picture, but I promise you, they were much appreciated by Lilster.

Pinkie Pie fought me. Every. step. of. the. way. First, the original colors of yarn were not quite right. Found and bought new yarn, didn't realize the weight was off. So Pinkie's a bit smaller than the others. She also looked like a deer without hair. Not even kidding a little bit. I had lost my camera right before I finished Twilight, so I couldn't take any pictures. At least I know I can crochet Bambi if need be.

Despite the Pinkie drama, she turned out to be so sweet and cuddly. Her hair is so much twirly fun!

I need to pause and set the stage here for a moment...Picture this....

It's the night before Lily's birthday party, which was actually the day before her birthday. Constant questions all day long had made their way out of my extremely excited daughter. The one that caused my heart to pound with anxiousness was, "Mom, can you give me your present at my party?" This meant that Pinkie and Rarity had to be completed in less than 24 hours. Less than 24 hours....

I stayed up really late, finished Pinkie, woke up, headed to the local cafe to sit and crochet Rarity.

If you look closely, you'll see Rarity is missing something. Can you tell what it is? Hmm?

If you guessed ears, you'd be right on the money. I was crocheting right up until 11:30 at which point I had to rush home, wrap without getting caught, and away we went to the museum/pizza/squeal-fest that was my daughter's birthday (more on that in another post!) and it wasn't until I was wrapping her that I started using words I don't allow my daughters to use as I realized Rarity was actually incomplete.

Oh well!

Lily L-O-V-E-D these. Best birthday present ever. She won't put them down. I have even had to stop her from taking them to school where they would be confiscated. She picks one each night to sleep with. She talks about how I need to make their cutie marks and their elements of friendship. Oh, and could I please, please please crochet Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and Dr. Whooves and Shining Armor and......

Long, long story short: I'm pretty much the best mom ever. I can drag out this gift forever as I am virtually unlimited in the number of ponies I could make. I'm also exhausted. :) 

Pattern info: visit acrylicsheep on Etsy or Ravelry for the pattern I used to make all of these delightful ponies!

I have linked this post to: Hooking on Hump Day and Craft Frenzy Friday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Roundup: Crochet Christmas ideas

I've lost my camera... it's gone to hide somewhere and I feel like I'm missing an arm... or at the very least several important fingers. The loss of my dear friend also means I can't post pictures of my latest completed pony, Twilight Sparkle... so you'll just have to be patient and wait! (Unlike me....)

Since I can't share any of my own pictures with you, I've decided to do a random roundup of the things I want to crochet after I've left Ponyville. Mostly, I need a mental break from ponies. Whew, this project turned out to be bigger than I thought. I have two days and two ponies left to finish. Send some happy, productive thoughts my way ok?

These are all ideas that may end up on my Crochet Christmas list. I'm seriously wondering when I'm going to get everything done, but after the month of a million scarves last November and December, I'm hoping I can find the inner madness to complete everything I hope to do. 

First off, I believe I posted this on the Facebook page, but it's so pretty!

The Green Dragonfly has created this delightfully colorful case for her iPad and I just love it. She even took the time to sew a lining and a zipper. Impressive to me, because I usually get done hooking and can't wait to try my latest creation out. She includes the tutorial on how to join squares as you go... a process which actually makes sense to me now. I love that I could use all my bright little bits left over from ponies to make this for my own tablet (hey I need presents too!) or as a Christmas gift  for a family member or two.

Repeat Crafter Me posted this absolutely adorable hat pattern and even though it's really close to all the pony craziness going on at my house right now, I think this would be too cute on Lily with all her happy little crocheted ponies. Maybe closer to Christmas, after I've forgotten my current tiredness of anything equine related. Gah! The cuteness!

Doily crochet has always kind of scared me... but I have been falling in love with a few of the rugs I have seen lately. Craft Passion has a great explanation and tutorial which makes it look pretty easy. I know one or two people on my list who have homes and floors that are begging for these happy rugs. We'll see if I can drum up the courage to try it!

For the Sage monster in my life, I'm thinking she may just get her very first tea set. This has been an idea "brewing" in my head for awhile and I found a great pattern at A[mi]dorable Crochet which might do the trick. Chances are I'll be moving from Ponyville to Teatime. I mean, crochet cookies? How could I possibly resist? There's also a few gorgeous dolls over there that may make it on the list too.

Finally, the last post isn't technically a Christmas gift idea, but it's beautiful, amazing, and stunning all the same. I've mentioned Lucy at Attic 24 over and over because I'm slightly (ok, more than slightly) in awe of her yarn and hook talent. She recently particpated in a yarn bomb and helped collect granny triangles to make bunting for a convention. There were more than 6,000 triangles from over 30 countries!!!

You should really read her post here about the bunting to see the time and effort she put into the project. I'm just a teensy sad I missed out on contributing! Something for next time, perhaps. It was an absolute inspiration and has got me thinking about how I can use my own yarn addiction to do something positive.

Hopefully I'll find my camera soon and I can show you what I'm up to!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

FINALLY. It's SCARF season!

I can't help but love a fabulous scarf. Fall is my favorite season just because it means I can wear scarves...well and pumpkin everything, but that's a story for another day. It's finally cooling down here in Idaho. We have a week or two of fall and then the endless winter that always gets me slightly grumpy. I have more scarves than I have shoes. The beginning of the season meant I had a reason to take a break from Ponyville and make myself a new addition to my collection.

I found this gorgeous yarn awhile back and fell in love with it. I'm not going to lie, half of the love comes from the name of the colorway: Parrot! There is absolutely no way to accurately photograph the colors of this yarn. It's stunning. Pinks and reds and blues and greens that fade flawlessly. It's roving yarn too, which I love. So cuddly soft. I wanted something different than what I've done in the past. Don't get me wrong, I love a good infinity scarf or a traditional scarf, but it was time for something new. Something with fringe.

I found what I was looking for after surfing Ravelry for a bit longer than I care to admit. That place can be worse than pinterest for me. I'm not even kidding a little bit. Hours can be wasted surfing patterns. Yarn holds a special place in my heart, but all the lovely patterns people create leave me deliriously happy. I'll never get around to writing any original patterns because I always get sidetracked. This pattern from Cortney Young is called the Easy Triangle Fringe Scarf and Shawl.

Easy was exactly right. I needed a break from ponies where I didn't have to count stitch after stitch. Just mindless relaxing with hook and yarn. The scarf itself took less time than adding all the fringe. Of course, the fringe is what makes it so fun! This really is more of a shawl than a scarf, but the yarn is light enough it can be worn lots of ways. I feel like I have a warm and comfy blanket on when I wear it. I really can not express how much I love this thing.

I'm all snug and wrapped up as I write this and my motivation is back to finish the ponies that are going to be the highlight of my daughter's birthday in (gah!) 8 days. I am in a perfect autumn mood now. Bring on the pumpkin lattes and pumpkin bread and everything else pumpkin that I can get my hands on. Happy Fall!

Also, I've finally gotten around to actually setting up an account on Ravelry. If you'd like to see what projects I'm working on (because there is always more than one) come find me!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chill OUT (Jar)

Today was one of those days that almost made me want to turn in my mom card and declare, "I'm done." Hehe. I don't often have those days as a mama, but being sick when the husband is at work all day long (and night, too!) can usually push me to the edge. All I wanted to do was sleep or at the very least, lay horizontally and moan pitifully at the world. Lily and Sage were good for a while, but as the day wore on, they got progressively stir crazy. After about the 100th time of Sage swiping every single thing off the table or Lily getting upset because she was told no, she couldn't watch another episode of Cake Boss, this mama had reached the end.

So what do I do when I'm going bonkers and my kids are going bonkers and we're all driving each other insane? Why, we get creative and craft something of course!!! Especially dour moods call for especially sparkly projects. Frustration, you have met your match in this household. I present to you, the "Chill Out Jar."

Some of you may have seen this on pinterest under similar names such as the Time Out Jar. We've actually used this quite a bit over the years for Lily when she gets stressed or upset, but the last one started leaking and it's been about a year and a half since we've had one in the house. 

Basically, it's like this. The jar (plastic bottle in this house because Sage likes to throw) is full of colored water, a bit of glue, and a crap ton of glitter. You shake it, you zone out on the sparkly swirliness and poof! Your mad gets gone real quick. Fun for all ages, too. Sage zoned on it, Lily took a turn, then I got distracted while I was taking pictures. 

Lily helped me pour the glitter and count the food drops. Most important jobs, you know. I came up with the quick little poem for the side and used my trusty label maker. The poem had the added benefit of covering the bits and pieces left over from the bottle wrapper. Creative laziness, no? Sage shook the crap out of it to test it. Success! 

I know in the past this has been a life saver with Lily when she had her tantrum phase. I'm sure it will work with Sage muffin too, but if not, it's still good. After all, it's a  homemade toy that reaches both ends of  the 8 year age gap between my kids. That's a lot of win in my book. Plus, sparkly.

If you would like the instructions to make your own Time Out/Chill Out Jar, you can visit here. There are bunches of recipes on how to do this, but According to L is my favorite because who doesn't want to say something looks like "glitter poop" at least once in their life? Also, she shows pictures of her kid using the jar over time as proof it works. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

PONY PARTY 3: AppleJack and Bronies!

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I think I fell off the world. Ugg. Right straight into homework hell. If you don't know what homework hell is....can I come live with you? I have been doing ecology studies, statistical analysis, spanish for hours, coming up with exciting lesson plans, writing partially ranty history papers about colonialism.... whew. I'm ready for a break. Good thing I get one in about 8 weeks! (college student problems....)

To add a bit more stress, I'm sick. Not quite "OMG! I'm DYYYIINNNNGGG!" sick, but pretty close. So forgive me for taking too long on doing the big reveal on AppleJack. I'll catch up! I've got to finish a pony this weekend to stay on schedule. I can do this!

Remember how I told you there are MLP fans called Bronies? Well, Now I can say that I know they are really real. There is a Brony club on my college campus. Haha. I was at a school club function today and was amused by the several guys I saw sporting pony shirts. After a time, it was explained to me. Apparently, they just took donations of MLP merchandise and toys to give to kids in need. Cute right?

They have posters all over campus and I had to snap a picture as proof that they exist!

Anyway, I am thinking after I get through all of Lily's ponies, I may make a few to contribute to their next toy drive.

This week's pony is Applejack. She turned out adorably. I love her hat. I nearly forgot her tail ribbon, but my dear, sweet, darling husband reminded me. I told him I didn't think that was correct and he had to start an episode to show me otherwise. Haha, he watches too much of that show with us girls. The poor guy.

I attempted to be artistic here and put a picture of an apple with AppleJack. I'm not sure it worked like I saw it in my head, but whatever. She is so cute! I would have liked to get her freckles on her face, but it was not working out. I will probably try again because it's bugging me.

AppleJack marks the halfway point. I have Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle left to go. I'm really trying to talk myself out of also throwing Princess Celestia in there... because I have to sleep at some point. I'm a sucker for crochet, as you know, and I have started taking a few Christmas orders here and there... which tickles me to no end. People are starting to pay me for what I would do for fun! 

Lily's party is in full on planning mode. She wants a princess pony pizza party. Say that fast. What exactly that is has yet to be determined, but I'm assuming it means costumes and MLP at Lily's favorite pizza joint. I'm hoping to find someone local who can make her cake. I think it would be adorable to have a pony cake too!

Wish me healthy thoughts, luck, and no homework for the next couple weeks, okay? That way I can CROCHET ALL THE THINGS.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dealing with back-to-school stress.

Most of you have heard me talk about my daughter, Lily. She's the one who says stuff like, "Mom, I love you, but we've GOT to talk about this cake I'm designing." This girl picked me flowers as she pranced home from school today. She doesn't mind playing superhero in public. Just the other day she and I had a conversation where she explained to me that there are only seven albino zebras in the world. She knew that because she reads the Nat Geo Kids magazine from cover to cover every month. My newly minted third grader (small heart clutch here) has just completed her second week in school. Usually, back to school means a few tears here and there as she adjusts to the new schedule. This year though... this year has been the worst yet.

 There's some new policies in place at her school and others which will be more strictly enforced. For instance, the tardy rule states that students must be standing with their classmates by the time the bell rings to be escorted inside. You're not in line, regardless of bell, you're tardy. Last year, Lily walked in, went to her room, and sat down. Tardies mean you go to the office and get a red slip to take to your teacher. The behavior plan has gone school wide and it's complicated. I'm all for color charts, since I'm about 7 months away from being a teacher. Really, though? SEVEN different colors? Isn't that a little much? I'm not really complaining, just concerned at some of the things other moms are saying.

Lily already has three tardies. She stops to talk to the crossing guard every morning after. She walks to the door while looking at whatever catches her fancy. She very nearly meanders her way to class. It's not because she doesn't like school. It's because she's easily fascinated by the world. Lily came home earlier this week in tears. Not just a few minutes and then the upset was forgotten. She was sobbing. "Mom, everything's different and I don't know how to do the right things. It's all so different, even the kid who bullied me last year doesn't bully me anymore."

Oh that broke my heart. If Lily is upset that she's not getting bullied, I know this is serious. How do you handle your child's pain? How do I teach her how to be responsible, to realize that change is inevitable, without making it sound like I'm mad at her for struggling?

"Mom, I'm so overwhelmed. I just want to cry."
"I don't want to be tardy, I just want to be absent."
"School isn't fun anymore."

The last one, more than anything else, worries me. It's kept me tossing and turning at night. I absolutely love learning. I love nerding out on how the world works. I like being able to answer random trivia questions. I love being in the classroom and I have a slight obsession with school supplies. I am 28 years old, and I still get a thrill when I see I got an A on a paper or a test. It's not the grade, it's the satisfaction that I've done well and I've achieved a new level of knowledge. I want all of this and more for my daughter. I have buckets full of pride that I'm considered a good student. If nothing else, I want my legacy to her to be that love of all the things there are to learn in the world.

She's arguing with teachers. She's crumpling her homework. She yells at her sister. She yells at me. She's pushing limits. While it is easy to get frustrated at first and angry at her, I can't. I can see the pattern. She doesn't feel any control. She's hurting.

I'm probably blowing this whole thing out of proportion. What mama doesn't do that when her kid is hurting? I've been at a loss as to how to help her avoid that anger and frustration so that she can get back to enjoying school. I tell her that it will be okay and she'll get the new schedule down. I tell her that the new color system gives her more chances to be good instead of bad. I tell her that she's a smarty pants and that she should be proud of herself. I tell her that third graders have more responsibility than second graders, which is cool because that means they get to do fun, new things. I tell her not to worry.

I have asked other parents for advice and read various articles on the internet. I've thought about the strategies I've learned for teaching when I have my own classroom. I've gathered a  few ideas on how to help Lily get back to her normal, happy self. Some are to spark her curiosity and get her excited about learning new things. Others are geared towards shifting schedules and setting a new routine.

1) I am going to take her to our local museum. She loves that place.
2) I'm going to find some cool science experiment we can do at home. I'm thinking rubber eggs or maybe even rainbow daisies. She'd get a kick out of flowers turning colors.
3) I'm going to get adjust bed time and wake up time. We'll leave 10 minutes earlier in the morning so she doesn't get another tardy.
4) We'll go pick out a new book.
5) I will talk to her teacher and her counselor and her principal if I have to so they are aware of the stress the environment at school is causing my child.
6) We'll take a break before doing homework. In the past, we always do homework right after school. I'm thinking she needs the break. It may not work out, but we'll try.
7) I'm going to revise and update our rewards and behavior rules at home. We have had the same ones on the fridge for a year now. It's time for something fresh.
8) I'm going to give her more choices. Even if it's just what we have for dinner or what song we should listen to on the stereo, I'm giving her the opportunity to feel like she has control.

Any other suggestions? I would love to hear your own experiences and how you've handled your child's stress. I don't think there can ever be enough good, heartfelt advice when it comes to making your babies happy. Thanks for struggling through this with me. For those of you who have offered advice, thank you. Sometimes parents need reminders that they're doing the best they can.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crocheted Owl Hat GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I'm so happy that fall is nearly here. In Idaho, that usually just means "early winter," but it's still my favorite season! I love layers and scarves and hats and boots and pumpkin EVERYTHING.

Since it's almost hat season, I've decided to do my first GIVEAWAY!!!!! 

For those of you who have been asking for one of my crochet creations, this is for you! I will make a one of a kind, specially for YOU owl hat. And by the way, before you say adults can't wear them, let me say, pfffft!  These are SUPER cute no matter what age! 

Use the giveaway entry form below. There are a couple things you need to do to enter. 

1) LIKE Jubilant Jessi on Facebook. You can use the nifty box to the right of this post if you need.


2) Leave a COMMENT on this post telling me what two colors you would like your hat to be if you win. Also, please tell me the size you would like. I can make this hat to fit anyone, from newborn to adult. The choices are yours! 

If you want some extra entries, you can pin any image from my blog onto Pinterest or share the post on Facebook. Each time you share the post, you receive an additional entry, but only once per day please.

That's it!

I will randomly select a winner on September 19th, 2013. The winner will be notified via email and on Facebook. Once the winner is confirmed, the hat will take 2-4 days to make and then it will be on it's way to you in the mail!



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Saturday, September 7, 2013

PONY PARTY Part 2: Fluttershy

To read PONY PARTY Part 1: Rainbow Dash, go here.

There ain't no party like a pony party..... 

I have about five million pictures of horses and ponies on my camera right now. There was a TON of horses at the fair. (I'll post my annual fair report in a day or two.) So the pony party has moved beyond crochet! On a semi-related note, I am pretty sure I could train a mini horse to be my next dog. I would never need to mow my back yard. I could take it on  walks and put it in sweet little outfits... ahhhhhhh. Dreams.

Aren't merry-go-rounds so pretty? I love the details and the slightly terrifying faces on the horses. They're not as cute as this week's pony for Lily's birthday project extravaganza though!!!

Here's Fluttershy!

She's so soft and the colors, though not my usual bright favorites, turned out fantastically. 

If you remember, I'm using the pattern from AcrylicSheep on etsy. She's got some great pony creations on her ravelry. I also found out that she has all the cutie mark patterns for FREE. I was really impressed because they were so simple. Time is of the essence with this project so I'll have to save all the cutie marks until the end. I just think the ponies look incomplete without them! That is also the kind of detail Lily will notice.

I was planning on finishing Pinkie after Rainbow Dash, but I got my hands on the yellow yarn first. I crocheted all the smaller pieces first and the head and body later. It made things go quickly. My biggest problem is convincing myself not to rush through. Two done, four go!

I still say Lily is going to be extremely spoiled, don't you agree?

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My first GUEST POST!!!!!

I'm so excited to announce that I've just done my first guest post at The Pink Lab!!! Heather is a fantastically inspiring lady who is using her crafty skills and message to motivate the world. She's so successful, she's going to pull it off too!!! As a part of her Motivational Week, I was invited to write about the moment that changed my life forever. Go read it! I'm so proud to be a part of such a great week!

Click here to read my post, Jubilant Life at The Pink Lab!!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

PONY PARTY Part 1: Rainbow Dash

Christmas came early!!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday.

Aren't the colors pretty? A little scattered, I'll admit, but that's because I'm working on my latest project.

Lily's birthday is a little over a month away. She'll be 9 years old. 9 YEARS OLD. Every year I do this. I wonder how the heck she's grown so fast. Then I cry about it a little.  

Lily l-o-v-e-s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We watch it all the time. We have conversations about the "mane six" characters. My husband can quote the characters. I'll admit, I am a bit of a pony geek too, it was one of my favorites when I was little. 

I had the idea brewing to make her the ponies as a birthday gift, but had no idea how to pull it off. So I did a bit of searching and found out that MLP crochet is actually a pretty popular activity. Who knew? There are some gorgeous patterns and plushies out there. I bought a few because they were so cute. (I don't normally buy patterns, but the madness overtook me.)

AcrylicSheep on etsy had the pattern that I decided to actually use. Look at her adorable ponies!!!! 

Find this picture and the pattern here.

They're small enough to realistically do all six and the pattern gives you instructions for all the pony accessories! I may have become a pattern-buying convert. I'm so excited! With my first week of school out of the way and homework already piling up, I need quick and easy. This fits the bill without sacrificing cuteness or the end product. I love that I can do any pony from the show with this pattern. I may have to add in one or two extra if I have time. Lily would die if I could pull off some of the other characters like Princess Celestia or Princess Cadence. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I apologize. I guess I should have put up geek warning sign at the top of this post.)

I've started on Rainbow Dash first. She's one of my favorites. 

The pattern was very easy to follow. Since this is my first attempt at amigurumi, I'm extremely pleased with how little Dash turned out. 

I'll post each pony as I complete them so be prepared to see lots of pony pictures over the next month. Next, I think I'm going to work on Pinkie Pie. 

Did you know that there is enough guy fans of this show that they have their own "BRONY" convention? Isn't that kind of awesome and goofy at the same time? Girl fans go by Pegasisters. The things people come up with these days! Very clever...I do love wordplay.

What do you think? BEST PRESENT EVER, or what? My kids are so lucky to have me as a mom. Hehe. It's a good thing I'm pretty humble about it.  *wink wink*

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Roundup: Yarn + Biology = Win.

This version of Random Roundup is brought to you by my ecology textbook. I get the feeling it's going to be quite the carbuncle. Lots and lots of studying for that class. For your mini-science lesson today, ecology is a part of biology. Biology studies life and how organisms are formed. Ecology studies how organisms interact with their environment. In case you weren't aware, I'm kind of a biology geek. I adore learning about all the different types of life we can encounter on our pretty planet. I shoot right past adoration and into delighted tremors and squeaks when yarn and biology are combined. Talk about some "lively" crochet fun!! (Nudge, nudge...get it? Biology is the study of life, so "lively" crochet? Eh? Eh?)

Find the original picture here.

1) This first project isn't crochet (gasp!!!!) which I'm willing to overlook because it. is. so. cool. Fungi is my favorite Kingdom, after all. Leigh at BromeLeighad is knitting a different species of mushroom for each week of the year. Her series, 52 forms of fungi, is full of beautiful pictures and nerdy fun. I will be impatiently awaiting each week's installment. It almost makes me want to learn to knit. Almost.

Find the original picture here!

2) Who loves a virus? I do! I do! What's my favorite? This little guy. He's a bacteriophage. Crocheted by Oh Look, It's a Rabbit!, this idea opens up millions of microscopic crochet plushy possibilities.

You can find this picture here!

3) ELINart's etsy shop is full of fuzzy, moldy goodness. She crochets bacteria, lichen, and mold onto all sorts of fun things. I really love this "Moldy Madness" brooch. She's also done petri dish colonies in crochet. So fun!

Original picture here.

 4) Are you in need of a study buddy for your anatomy lessons? Shanell Papp at Bawdy has created that special someone for you! Her crocheted anatomically correct skeleton is sure to help you learn all of the human body's systems. I love the fuzzy green yarn used for the large intestine. Kind of gross in an awesome way. She's got some great pictures of her skeleton on display as well as the organs in jars. Check it out!

Original photo here

5) Last, but surely not least, is the Crochet Coral Reef by Christine Wertheim and Margaret Wertheim of the Institute For Figuring. In honor of the Great Barrier Reef, this project has grown from a coffee table sized reef into several sub-reefs! When I first saw the picture, I didn't realize I was looking at crochet. I would really recommend reading this article if you are a crochet nut, it has some awesome info on hyperbolic crochet, a technique I want to learn more about! You also need to see the rest of the pictures. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.There's information on how to start your own satellite reef...anyone wanna crochet some coral with me????

That's it for this week! I hope this has got your creative brain mojo brewing! How fun would it be to crochet some of these projects? Any biology related items you'd like to see yarn form? I have attempted a human heart before, but for some reason never finished. I may just have to try it again someday! Even though history is my one true love, teaching science would be too much fun because I could fill up my classroom with crocheted fetal pigs and other icky fun. 

(Insert evil genius laughter here.)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watermelon Cake and Movie in the Yard (Year 2)

To see my first post on movies in the yard and watermelon cake, go here.

For my aunt's annual movie in the yard night, I was asked to make another watermelon cake. My first one was such fun, I was absolutely ready to do another one. Watermelon cakes have exploded in popularity and it's such fun to see how simple fruits turn into beautiful creations.

I ran into a serious setback this year. I cut open my watermelon, which I had spent entirely too long selecting, and found this.

Rotten watermelon not soo good for watermelon cake.

Rotten. Ick. It was nothing but mush inside. When I went to shift it, half the insides went splat on the floor. I'm sure I said a word or two my daughters hopefully didn't hear.

After a quick phone call and a replacement watermelon, I got the rest of the fruit ready since I'd assemble the cake at my auntie's house. 

Making a mess!

I can't remember where I got these cookie cutters, but I use them all the time to cut sandwiches and fruit into cute shapes. They're a hard plastic that takes the abuse of thick food. I figured out that if I sliced the cantaloupe from the outside headed inwards, I got slices that were big enough to do several shapes at a time.


As I was putting the cake together people started arriving so it was kind of fun to answer questions. I threw a bit of this and that wherever looked good while I was chatting. For this cake I used a little over half a watermelon and we still had leftover slices.

Sage was trying to sneak off the cake!

Sage Muffin was determined to get some of the fruit as I was putting it together. She'd wiggle in between my legs and the counter to push me away and then try to climb up to get to the cake. Lily was off and running as usual and I don't think I got a single picture of that girl the whole night. 

Watermelon fruit cake v. 2

So there you have it. Watermelon cake version 2.0. It was delicious and the younger kids loved the skewers of fruit. Sage ate berries and watermelon and cheetos until I thought she'd be sick. Lily spent the entire movie whispering and eating candy with her cousins. There was tubs of popcorn and pickled cucumbers and fresh garden veggies and.. and...too much food. Too much delicious, tasty food.

Due to nasty weather, the movie was not actually on the yard. Instead we all loaded into the garage. It was kind of cozy. 

Movie in the yard.... in the garage.

It doesn't look like it in this picture, but there was quite a few of us! (You can see my rainbow bag on the floor next to my chair! It fit two blankets, diapers, some yarn, and a couple other things!) We watched Wreck-It-Ralph. There is one line that just makes me snicker every time. "All right ladies! The kitten whispers and tickle fights stop now!" Hee hee hee. If that doesn't make you at least snort, I don't know what to do with you. 

Much fun, much food, and late nights. It was the perfect end to summer. I start school on Monday....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hat Party!

I finally have to admit that autumn is just around the corner. Everyone's talking hats. I'm crocheting lots of hats. Since I just recently sold my first crochet creation, a cutie owl hat, I've since sold several more and keep getting orders. Cool for my yarn addiction, not so cool for my homework in the upcoming weeks. Let's be serious, though. Yarn totally wins!

My favorite hat was the zebra hat. This one was for Lily as she was watching me make hat after hat. She asked me, "Mom, I might like a hat. Did you consider that?" We spent some time on pinterest and she decided on a pink zebra hat with googly eyes and long braids. I looked at several different versions being sold on Etsy and came up with my own design. It's a mish-mash of cute ideas.

Lily's zebra hat

I had to dig out my pom-pom maker for this hat and I can't seem to stop making the little fluff balls now. Sage likes to toddle around with them and throw them at the nearest innocent bystander when she feels she's being ignored. I have this idea of a pom-pom garland for my window. We'll see if it goes anywhere. I bet I could promote Lily to official pom-pom maker.

I also made a hat for myself. Having dreads usually means hats are hard to find, unless you don't mind wearing slouchy beanies or tams all the time. This hat, like so many of my other projects, has no rhyme or reason. I picked a stitch and a color as I looked through pictures for inspiration. Few rows of stitching are the same. I love the big happy flower on the side. 

I am now venturing into superheros and monsters. No, seriously.


It's the AMAZING Spiderman hat! 

The webbing will haunt me. Spent waaaaay too much time worrying away at that part. I finally ripped out the original yarn and replaced it with puffy paint. It's off to be loved by a cutie little guy in his up and coming photo portraits. 

Currently on my  hook is the wing for a Captain America's helmet. Is it weird making these is giving me the urge to have a hero movie marathon? I also get to try a monster hat next. And then maybe a My Little Pony. Lily's birthday is a few months away and she would die for a crocheted set of the "mane six" characters. Now that the idea is in my head, it's not going anywhere and I want to try it so I can play with them too! I'm such a sucker for kid's toys.

If you haven't noticed yet, I have started an FB page! I would love for you to join me and share your crafty creations or say hello! 

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