Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Roundup: Crochet Christmas ideas

I've lost my camera... it's gone to hide somewhere and I feel like I'm missing an arm... or at the very least several important fingers. The loss of my dear friend also means I can't post pictures of my latest completed pony, Twilight Sparkle... so you'll just have to be patient and wait! (Unlike me....)

Since I can't share any of my own pictures with you, I've decided to do a random roundup of the things I want to crochet after I've left Ponyville. Mostly, I need a mental break from ponies. Whew, this project turned out to be bigger than I thought. I have two days and two ponies left to finish. Send some happy, productive thoughts my way ok?

These are all ideas that may end up on my Crochet Christmas list. I'm seriously wondering when I'm going to get everything done, but after the month of a million scarves last November and December, I'm hoping I can find the inner madness to complete everything I hope to do. 

First off, I believe I posted this on the Facebook page, but it's so pretty!

The Green Dragonfly has created this delightfully colorful case for her iPad and I just love it. She even took the time to sew a lining and a zipper. Impressive to me, because I usually get done hooking and can't wait to try my latest creation out. She includes the tutorial on how to join squares as you go... a process which actually makes sense to me now. I love that I could use all my bright little bits left over from ponies to make this for my own tablet (hey I need presents too!) or as a Christmas gift  for a family member or two.

Repeat Crafter Me posted this absolutely adorable hat pattern and even though it's really close to all the pony craziness going on at my house right now, I think this would be too cute on Lily with all her happy little crocheted ponies. Maybe closer to Christmas, after I've forgotten my current tiredness of anything equine related. Gah! The cuteness!

Doily crochet has always kind of scared me... but I have been falling in love with a few of the rugs I have seen lately. Craft Passion has a great explanation and tutorial which makes it look pretty easy. I know one or two people on my list who have homes and floors that are begging for these happy rugs. We'll see if I can drum up the courage to try it!

For the Sage monster in my life, I'm thinking she may just get her very first tea set. This has been an idea "brewing" in my head for awhile and I found a great pattern at A[mi]dorable Crochet which might do the trick. Chances are I'll be moving from Ponyville to Teatime. I mean, crochet cookies? How could I possibly resist? There's also a few gorgeous dolls over there that may make it on the list too.

Finally, the last post isn't technically a Christmas gift idea, but it's beautiful, amazing, and stunning all the same. I've mentioned Lucy at Attic 24 over and over because I'm slightly (ok, more than slightly) in awe of her yarn and hook talent. She recently particpated in a yarn bomb and helped collect granny triangles to make bunting for a convention. There were more than 6,000 triangles from over 30 countries!!!

You should really read her post here about the bunting to see the time and effort she put into the project. I'm just a teensy sad I missed out on contributing! Something for next time, perhaps. It was an absolute inspiration and has got me thinking about how I can use my own yarn addiction to do something positive.

Hopefully I'll find my camera soon and I can show you what I'm up to!

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