Saturday, January 12, 2013

The month of a million scarves...

.... ok, just ten. Well, twelve. If you count the one I made for myself and the IOU I gave to my mother.

See, it started like this. I found this SUPER fun and bright yarn. I decided Lily had to have a scarf made in it.

I had decided to crochet dish clothes and scrubbies as friend gifts for Christmas. You know, simple.  Single crochet, quick, I could handle it. I made Lily's scarf in the same pattern, but with the yarn, it turned out STINKING CUTE. (I've stole it twice to wear it myself.)

Then, THEN...

I went on a crochet project rampage on Pinterest. (You can see my board of crochet wonder here.) I fell in love with granny squares. So it had to be done. I needed to make a granny square scarf.

I loved that scarf. It was the same rainbow happy as Lily's scarf, but popping out bright enough to nearly make the eyes bleed. It was probably my favorite gift that I gave this Christmas, despite the fact that I probably won't get to see it very often. (Rachel, you need to come visit meeeee!) 

I felt pretty accomplished. I had made TWO scarves, right? Plus all my dish clothes. Whew. 

Then.. THEN...

My mother, bless her, asked how hard it would be for me make a scarf for each of my nieces and nephews back east. Sure, ok, I figured I could just forget about finals, right? Four more scarves, coming up!

Two boy scarves, two girl scarves, for four adorable kiddos. Whew. Really, for really done this time.

Then... THEN... THEN.... (getting the theme to this story, yet?) 

My husband reminded me that I had promised him a scarf last year. Oops. He even went with me to the yarn store (which by this time Lily won't even go with me because we go every. day. MOM.) and picks out his yarn. Then I have to whip that one out when he's not home because he may have picked out the colors and pattern, but I'm surely not letting him see it until Christmas. 

Then my sister saw his scarf. And wanted one. In the same color as Lily's. Back to the yarn store. She said she wanted it for her birthday, but I was on a mission at that point. I was going to get it made and I was going to have it ready in time for her to open. Took me most of the night, but I did it and forgot to take a picture of it. At that point I didn't care about the dang pictures. Haha.

I also decided to make a scarf for our family Christmas auction. It will make my cousin's lady friend very happy.

I really liked the infinity style of the scarf I made my sister. I mean, duh, it used the granny square stitch. I made one for myself in this super fuzzy happy yarn and it is SO warm. I wear it every day, which is funny because the universe had scarves on the brain and gave me 5 new scarves for Christmas. LOL.

Then...THEN... (just kidding)

I had enough yarn left to make one of those cute flower headbands. Lily likes to wear it and be a model for me. Cute!

I have one other crochet project to share...but I will do it in another post.

This is the happy tale of my million scarves for Christmas. If you want a scarf from me, figure out how to crochet yourself. HA!


  1. I really want someone to make me the star wars crochet know, if you get bored.

    And all those scarves you made are AMAZING!

  2. AHHH you are so awesome! Ten (slash twelve) scarves in a month?! You're my hero! I feel like I never actually finish scarves because I get so tired of them by the time I'm halfway through....apparently my threshold is 1/10 of the way through with knitting, though :P Michelle taught me how over Christmas, and I started a scarf, and it's just sitting there mocking me now...haha!
    Thanks again for the beautiful, beautiful scarf! It's so cozy and wonderful and bright :) I definitely do need to visit soon!!


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