Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To-Do Tuesday: The tale of the super, spoiled, crafty mama....

Remember how months back, I talked about doing a Silhouette feature if I ever got my Cameo? Guess I'm going to have to put my money where my mouth was because....

*drum roll*

I got a Cameo for Christmas.

Side note: I have the absolute best mom in the world. She's who I want to be when I grow up.

Cameo's are like Cricuts, but they use the computer instead of cutting blocks. They are soooooOooo cool.

I only have about 5 million projects I would like to accomplish with it. My favorites so far....

1. Put a funny vinyl on the side of my bath tub.

2. Make silhouettes of my kids and put them EVERYWHERE.

3. Make Emergency Contact temp tattoos for traveling with my kids. I think this is pure genius. Also, might actually come in handy because Lily likes to run first and ask permission later.

4. Never worry about a housewarming gift or wedding gift again. I'll just whip up etched baking dishes.

5. Make the list of growing t-shirts that my husband has requested.... also, make cute baby onesies.

7. MAKE THIS BAG. "I like big books and I can not lie..." Bwhahahahaha.

I could go on...oh yes, I could. 

I haven't pulled it out to play yet because I'm waiting on some supplies, but I'm sure I'll let you know when I make something. ;) Thanks again, best Mom ever!!!!


  1. uh....can I come over and play?

  2. That is awesome.. I feel silly but what exactly is it that makes all these awesome things?


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