Thursday, January 17, 2013

School post. You knew it was coming.

Ugh. Not another school post.

I know, but it's already consuming my world. CONSUMING, I tell you.

However, as a status update:

I have a professor with an Irish accent who referenced Fight Club, gave us the history of Guinness (for those of you who know what that is), threatened to yell at us in two languages (Irish and French), and complimented my dreads all on the first (technically, two because I have two classes) day. I think I like this guy. I was worried about tuning out what he was saying because I have a slight obsession with an Irish accent, but so far, he's so damn interesting, I'm scribbling like a mad woman to get all the info down.

I'm also learning anatomy and physiology this semester. Bones, blood, body parts. Yippeee!!!! No... really, it's exciting. I'm a multi-focused geek, don't you know.

I still have one class to have a "first day" in, and that's going to be intense because I have to write a publish-worthy research paper on ....something. Gotta figure that part out. Any ideas? Hey, I can dream, right?

All in all, it sounds like another semester-o-crazy and hard work, but I bet it will be too much fun. Ireland, the French Revolution, naming all the bones in the body... I can do this.

In other news, Sage turns ONE tomorrow.  Sappy, teary eyed mom post to follow. I've got an amazing opportunity to do a cake smash photography session with a local photographer next week, so we'll see if I have some pictures to share.

Back to homework....

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