Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pixie Dust is MAGICAL.

Has no one ever crocheted with the coolest yarn in the world? Seriously?
I have searched and searched for crochet patterns with this amazing Pixie Dust Yarn by Knit Collage. Found zip. Nada. Zero. 

So I'm working on it myself. Playing. Un-doing and re-doing. The goal is a scarf, because that's about all I have enough for, and I am super thankful for that much! (For those of you who are friends of mine on FB, you know how excited I was.) I told my husband he was going to have a hard time topping my Grandmother in terms of birthday gifts. He just looked at my pretty diamond ring that was last year's Valentine's gift and lifted an eyebrow. 

I love all the little poms and the glitter and the giant size of this stuff. I can't wait to crochet my sparkly, funky scarf. LOVE it. Would it be totally ridiculous to spend the $250 required to make myself a blanket?

There is a blanket done by the amazing group at Purl Bee. Can you tell I've fallen in lust with this yarn? I'll post pictures when I get my pretty mango scarf done... and keep you updated on whether or not I can convince my husband that $250 isn't really too much to spend on yarn.... 

(yeah right, not in this lifetime....)

I have an idea now sizzling in my brain to finger knit a bunch of yarn into some lovely, ginormous yarn to turn into something fun. I'm curious to see how much yarn it would take to make giant yarn... I feel another tutorial coming on.... after I play a bit. I'm trying to get Lily excited about finger knitting to get a little help, but that's not working out. Can't get that little lady's nose out of a book these days (says the mother who never has a book more than two feet away from her).

School is seriously getting in the way of my love affair with yarn! Although, it's SO much fun. I'm currently lost in Irish and American protest songs, the life and times of Marie Antoinette, and why the camas bulb went the wayside to the potato in Idaho. LOVE my research.  This week I'm also spending time at the middle school helping with a pig dissection. Gah! Excitement! Gross, gooey, excitement!

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