Saturday, September 7, 2013

PONY PARTY Part 2: Fluttershy

To read PONY PARTY Part 1: Rainbow Dash, go here.

There ain't no party like a pony party..... 

I have about five million pictures of horses and ponies on my camera right now. There was a TON of horses at the fair. (I'll post my annual fair report in a day or two.) So the pony party has moved beyond crochet! On a semi-related note, I am pretty sure I could train a mini horse to be my next dog. I would never need to mow my back yard. I could take it on  walks and put it in sweet little outfits... ahhhhhhh. Dreams.

Aren't merry-go-rounds so pretty? I love the details and the slightly terrifying faces on the horses. They're not as cute as this week's pony for Lily's birthday project extravaganza though!!!

Here's Fluttershy!

She's so soft and the colors, though not my usual bright favorites, turned out fantastically. 

If you remember, I'm using the pattern from AcrylicSheep on etsy. She's got some great pony creations on her ravelry. I also found out that she has all the cutie mark patterns for FREE. I was really impressed because they were so simple. Time is of the essence with this project so I'll have to save all the cutie marks until the end. I just think the ponies look incomplete without them! That is also the kind of detail Lily will notice.

I was planning on finishing Pinkie after Rainbow Dash, but I got my hands on the yellow yarn first. I crocheted all the smaller pieces first and the head and body later. It made things go quickly. My biggest problem is convincing myself not to rush through. Two done, four go!

I still say Lily is going to be extremely spoiled, don't you agree?

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  1. The two you have made so far are amazing! Lily is one lucky little girl! Also love the photo's you took - very cute and clever. (Just a little side note - you do realize you are raising the party standard bar here? - so you had better start making things now already for the sweet sixteen! LOL)

    1. Thanks so much! She's already casually hinted that she wouldn't mind a blanket for Christmas. A purple, pink, and yellow one. With pink and purple flowers. She knows how to draw me in with her pretty ideas.

  2. So pretty - my daughter would love that! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!

    1. Thanks Tamara! It turned out so cute. I keep thinking She may get a second set of secondary characters for Christmas, because I love making them!!!


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