Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chill OUT (Jar)

Today was one of those days that almost made me want to turn in my mom card and declare, "I'm done." Hehe. I don't often have those days as a mama, but being sick when the husband is at work all day long (and night, too!) can usually push me to the edge. All I wanted to do was sleep or at the very least, lay horizontally and moan pitifully at the world. Lily and Sage were good for a while, but as the day wore on, they got progressively stir crazy. After about the 100th time of Sage swiping every single thing off the table or Lily getting upset because she was told no, she couldn't watch another episode of Cake Boss, this mama had reached the end.

So what do I do when I'm going bonkers and my kids are going bonkers and we're all driving each other insane? Why, we get creative and craft something of course!!! Especially dour moods call for especially sparkly projects. Frustration, you have met your match in this household. I present to you, the "Chill Out Jar."

Some of you may have seen this on pinterest under similar names such as the Time Out Jar. We've actually used this quite a bit over the years for Lily when she gets stressed or upset, but the last one started leaking and it's been about a year and a half since we've had one in the house. 

Basically, it's like this. The jar (plastic bottle in this house because Sage likes to throw) is full of colored water, a bit of glue, and a crap ton of glitter. You shake it, you zone out on the sparkly swirliness and poof! Your mad gets gone real quick. Fun for all ages, too. Sage zoned on it, Lily took a turn, then I got distracted while I was taking pictures. 

Lily helped me pour the glitter and count the food drops. Most important jobs, you know. I came up with the quick little poem for the side and used my trusty label maker. The poem had the added benefit of covering the bits and pieces left over from the bottle wrapper. Creative laziness, no? Sage shook the crap out of it to test it. Success! 

I know in the past this has been a life saver with Lily when she had her tantrum phase. I'm sure it will work with Sage muffin too, but if not, it's still good. After all, it's a  homemade toy that reaches both ends of  the 8 year age gap between my kids. That's a lot of win in my book. Plus, sparkly.

If you would like the instructions to make your own Time Out/Chill Out Jar, you can visit here. There are bunches of recipes on how to do this, but According to L is my favorite because who doesn't want to say something looks like "glitter poop" at least once in their life? Also, she shows pictures of her kid using the jar over time as proof it works. 

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