Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I am constantly amazed and tickled by my Lily girl. The things that come out of her mouth are just perfectly intriguing and usually full of comedic entertainment. She's such a happy little thing and so very smart. At the risk of sounding like every other parent out there, I really am blessed to have such a perfect little soul in my life.

Here's the latest collection of the things that have come out of my kid's mouth:

Regarding Earth Day....
"Mom we have to take care of this Earth because it's the only home we've got and we can't live in outer space because there's no oxygen and there's aliens."

Regarding a closet full of things at her aunt's house....
"Wow! Look at all the memories!"

Regarding her shoes....
"I need lots of new cute shoes because I need to look fab. You know what fab means right? It means fabulous."

Regarding school...
"It's a good thing I'm so smart because otherwise homework would take for-EVER."

Regarding her outfit:
"Does this look goth to you? I don't know if there is enough pink."

Regarding laziness...
Lily: "I want a treat."
Nic: "I want a million dollars."
Lily: "I wish we had a million dollars. Then I wouldn't have to go to school and I could stay home."
Nic: "No, I could stay home, but you would have to still go to school because we have to stay busy."
Lily: "Yeah, because if we don't stay busy, then we would get fat and die."

She makes me LMAO. For reals. I can only hope she keeps the zingers coming.

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  1. Oh these are sooo great! She is so smart! She couldn't stop talking about being fab when you guys came to visit :)


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