Friday, May 30, 2014

Okay. Okay. I'm back. I promise!

Well, I’ve been obviously absent for the past, oh, four months. In my own defense, I've been student teaching.

If you’ve never student taught, you have no idea. I was told when I began that I should expect 60-70 hour weeks. Pfft. That would have been easy.

My average week day:
6:15: wake up. Blindly grope my way to the coffee maker. Drink as caffeine as possible. Quickly. Stumble into shower. Steam grit and sleep from my eyes.
7:15: wake up children. Stumble to coffee maker once again. Work on hair, finding socks, signing that one homework assignment. Remind husbandy face of the day’s events and chores (because I sure didn’t have time to do them!) and rush around printing/preparing my own lesson items for the day.
7:45: kiss kids and husbandy face goodbye and rush out the door to school.
8:00-3:40 teaching. Planning hour usually spent talking with cooperating teacher and/or teaching in another classroom. Lunch hour spent with my “lunch bunch” of students who hang out everyday and inadvertently remind me why being a teenager was fun/horrible/shocking.
3:40-4:30: School ends. Get as much actual work  such as lesson planning, grading, grade entering, prep for next day, etc. as possible. Rush to pick up kiddos from day care since husband has gone to work.
4:45-5: Get home, sit for 3 blessed minutes to check email/texts/phone calls that I couldn’t answer during the day.
5-6: Do Lily’s homework with her. Keep Sage from realizing her world domination and/or destruction intentions. Hopefully have the energy to make dinner from the non-existent groceries in the house (seriously, never let your husband shop because you end up with frozen burritos, capri suns, and pretzels). If not, the pizza guy knows your order by your phone number.
6-8: Bed, bath, play time to help my children remember that I am supposed to be raising them. Ignore the piles of work still waiting to be done.
8:01-10:45: Lesson plan, write 97 page paper (which I got a 100% on, woot!) and pretend to learn Spanish.  Husband comes home. Tries not to feel ignored as I keep telling him “just a minute” when he wants to tell me about his day.
11:30-2:30: Husbandy face finally falls asleep and I get back to work. Creating lesson materials, planning, grading, updating class website (I did blog, just not here!), or reviewing material I need to teach. Occasionally just stressing out and pulling out hair while also searching TPTs for a lesson plan.
2:30 ish: (yes, that's AM) finally just give up and force myself to go to bed. Sit awake for at least half an hour contemplating all the things I didn’t get done or forgot to do.

Weekends were more of the same – just a few more hours playing with my kids and maybe mad dash rushing to the grocery store.  For those of you that think teachers have a cake job, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Student teaching is worse because you don’t have the materials. You’re doing all the work from scratch. Whew.

I think I might get some sleep over the summer, but since I jumped right into sub jobs and working a second job as well, it’s probably a good thing my mom bought me dark circle repair makeup. HA.
I sound like I’m complaining and let me be clear, I’m not. I absolutely loved teaching. Even when I hated it. Sometimes, the kids would irritate me with their whining or I’d be really tired and the thought of working on my feet and running from one place to the other all day seemed like too. Freaking. Much. But I did it, and I did it WELL.

And the best news of my long time absence?

I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(breathe) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have officially graduated with not one, but TWO degrees. Two bachelors degrees. Two pieces of paper I can hang on the wall and admire. Two tassels to hang from my mortar board as I walked across the stage. I’m officially a teacher and a historian. I did it. 

So now that the dust and papers have cleared, I’m back! I missed crocheting and blogging and being a mom. I am so excited to have the summer to do all of these things and make a plan for grad school. (I’m insane, I know). I received a full scholarship for graduate school and will be also working as an assistant teacher for gen-ed history courses. 

I’m excited to talk to all of you again! Thanks for waiting for me!

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