Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moose Babies.

Summer is in full swing at my house. What about your's?

We have had water days and play dates and kid crafts and movie nights.....Going, going, going! It's so much fun to be busy when it revolves around your kids and stuff you want to do. I've read 15 books already this summer. I've crocheted every single day. I've painted with my kids and done science experiments. It's so much fun! I've got my Super Mom cape on and I'm swinging it with some serious sass. 

Yesterday, we had an opportunity that is currently holding #1 in the list of our adventures. We road tripped to see twin baby moose, play with chickens, and stare at some gorgeous scenery. The kiddos were in heaven. I must admit, I was pretty over the moon as well.

The Grand Tetons

Aren't the Grand Tetons beautiful? Sometimes I feel like, "Crap. I live in Idaho." Then I see mountains or landscapes like this and I'm like, "YEAH. I LIVE IN IDAHO!!!" Which undoubtedly makes me a redneck of some sort. I'm learning to live with that.

Now I've promised to not say exactly where, when, or why, but I can tell you that there are some people out in the world who have gone above and beyond to take care of these babies. They took in these little twins after the mama moose was found dead. Doesn't that just tug on the heart strings? They're caring for them until the moose can be taken to new homes.

Baby moose adorables! 

We didn't actually pet these little babies, but Lily did get pretty close to one in the barn. The lamb in the picture kept following her around. Lily was in heaven running around after goats, lambs, ducks, and chickens. She'll be revving on this for weeks. 

Lily with Moose and Lamb.

Sage Muffin spent some time sitting on the fence and making animal noises. She's almost got chickens and sheep down. 

Sage Muffin and G-Gma.

Lily and Sage were also able to feed some chickens. Sage "bock bocked" and would chase after them. Lily kept throwing out crumbs and jumping back like she was going to get eaten. Hehe. Side note: I freaking love chickens. I want a coop. I want smelly little fluff balls that I can name and walk around the yard. Makes no sense to me either, but I really, really want chickens someday.


I wasn't able to get a picture of both of the moose in one picture. Opportunity lost. All in all, a fantastic family fun filled night. Now we've got the fourth of July tomorrow... one of Lily's favorite holidays. I expect to eat too much, get sunburned, and get cranky at the fireworks going off at 2 in the morning like I do every blessed year. Happy fourth of July!!! 



  1. Idaho is SO DANG PRETTY sometimes!!! Holy cow, so beautiful. And baby mooses [meese? moosen?] are adorable!!

    I totally want chickens too. So bad. And I don't even like birds very much. But there is definitely an inexplicable yearning to own my own poultry deep down in my soul.

    1. The plural for moose is moose. As if that makes sense.

      In the realm of someday, I think we should start our own commune. We can drag our kids and hubsters along for the ride. Think of the fun we could have!


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