Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jubilant, Joyful, Jaunty Jess

Hello and Welcome!

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a blog name? Jeez, this Jessi is just jumbled. :) Ok, enough alliteration!

I have a creative nature, and a curious one. I'm pretty much one of those hippie spirit and all that. So as I was googling how to blog (yes, I know how that sounds) it spoke of "blog niches" and how that's important for a blog to be successful. I would have been better off just signing up and starting to type. Alas, I didn't, and now I've been sitting here for the past day or two hesitating to begin because I don't know my what my niche is! Although, I must say, I do so love that niche is a word being used so widely. It's such a pretty word.

So I've been a'pondering this whole niche business. I want to talk about the crafts and upcycling that I do. I want to talk about how we're revamping our house to make it more a home. That means clutter, decorating, and finding fun things to put on the walls. I want to talk about my interests: books, minimalism, being ecologically responsible, my thoughts on non-traditional parenting, my experiences as a somewhat older college student, my family, my dogs, and perhaps any other random thing that jumps into my head. So I came up with my niche. *beams*
My niche is a simple one, yet it can be engagingly complicated. What's my niche?


I do so hope you'll enjoy reading.

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