Monday, April 30, 2012

Jubilant Jessi: Take Two

So.... I dropped off the face of the Earth.

So much in fact, that I've been sitting here for a good 45 minutes trying to figure out a blog name only to remember I had one. Then I had to remember how to log into it. So now that I'm all set up and ready to go again....

 Hi. :)

As a way to reintroduce myself, here are a few of my newest loves...

1) my lovely daughters. Yes, daughters as in plural. I have two of them now. A fact which makes me super smiley on a daily basis. Wait, make that a minute basis. Or maybe not, since it doesn't really make sense. My two beautiful flower girls, growing like crazy. I am constantly tickled by the things that comes out of Lily's mouth and I go gooey inside when baby Sage coos at me. I am under the impression now that I want a houseful of children and the Husband is enamored like I am so he thinks its a great idea. We'll see.

2) my addiction known as Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is... go there now. Take a bathroom break and grab some snacks first because you won't be moving away from the computer for awhile I apologize for causing the hiccups in your social life that will result, but you'll have an amazing imaginary house, tons of recipes you might just try, and more crafty inspiration than you will ever know what to do with.

3) May 5th. Random? Yes. The last day of Spring semester? Kaaa-Ching! No more school until August. This is most excellent. I will have all summer to play with my new sewing machine, the blank journal I have, the creative ideas collected on the above mentioned addiction. So. exciting. I will get a read a book. A book I want to read. Woot!

So stay tuned, I'll have lots of time on my hands this summer and I'm sure I'll be spending a bit of it here in my little slice of bloggy land. And now, I'm off to go study chemistry. Blech. I can't put it off any longer, the final is Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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