Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of school...again.

Today was the start of Lily's year as a second grader. Apparently, that is so much more older than a first grader. Second graders such as my daughter do not need parental help to find their classroom or be shown where to line up because, "I know where to go, Mom!" Second graders are such old hats at this school thing dontcha' know.

I also had my first day of school. Well, I'd already been in school a week, but this semester, I'm spending some time in the field in a 7th grade science class! I get to go practically every day and work on my teacher look. It is such fun. I'm totally in love with everything I'm doing.

I have to tell you, when you get up on the first day to read the syllabus to a room of about 25 kids, it's mildly terrifying. Even more so when you haven't done it before. They can smell fear. You have to take a minute to squash down all the big, giant butterflies doing the rumba in your stomach and then get to work and put on your big girl teacher pants and go with it or lose face and look like an idiot. Kids can smell idiots too, I'm telling ya.

I got to see the inside of my first faculty room and that was weird too. I had to shift from student to teacher mode so I would quit looking over my shoulder like I was going to get kicked out of the room and put in detention. Ha!

Tomorrow we're doing our first science lab. Gummy worms are involved. I swear, this will never get old for me and I'm so busy, but it's worth it. It feels absolutely wonderful to know deep in my center that I'm doing the right thing and I'm on the right path. It's taken long enough to get here!

My other classes this semester are pretty dang fun too. Last night for Botany, I got to jump in the college SUV and go on a field trip. Field trips are just as cool when you're an adult. We collected plants and took them back to be pressed. I'm totally geekballs over this because I used to love pressing flowers as a kid. There was one plant that was a vine called Virgin's Bower that had seeds that looked like Truffla trees from the Lorax. Totally wicked cool. Every person I rode to the field trip with was in the teacher program. Guess what we chatted about for 40 minutes?

I miss doing crafty things. I know I haven't posted any beautimus creations in awhile. I'm hoping that things will even out and slow down a bit so I can do something fun. I have a couple projects that I'm dying to finish. I don't think Nic misses the craft mess though...

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