Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's two days after the fair has ended, and I still feel like I am seeping grease from my pores.
It's a darn good thing that the fair is only one week out of the year, otherwise my body would shrivel up and beg for mercy.

I was able to go down twice. Once with my happy family and my mom, once with just my mom. Both times We conquered the food court like it was a life mission. Red velvet funnel cake. Scone nuggets. Fried green tomatoes (!!!) and candy apples. I think that's the real reason we went back the second time, just to make ourselves sick again.

While we chewed on fair food, Sage happily chewed her stroller. Yes, I tried to feed her human food, but she's like the little sister from Lemony Snicket. She chews everything.

I loved seeing the quilts and the photographs. Food, pretty things to look at, animals to coo over. I freaking love fair week. I was rather giddy that two of my friends took ribbons for their photographs! How sweet is that, right? I have awesome friends. Some of the quilts made my eyes go all bulgy out of my head. Not in a choking-on-delicious-fair-food kind of way, but in the whoa-that-is-amazingly-beautiful way.

I really loved this snowflake quilt I saw. It had hundreds of tiny rhinestones sewn on it. This quilt was INTENSE.I didn't bother taking a picture of it, it would have done an injustice to the quilt. I did get a quick picture of another blanket I liked. I want to make this. How do I make the little circles? Anyone?

My favorite animals to look at are the chickens. Yes, the chickens. I am obsessed with chickens. I want a chicken coop and I want chickens. This guy was my favorite. When I have chickens, I will have one that looks like this for pure comedic entertainment.

Lily got to ride a few rides and pet some rabbits. My daughter consistently asks when the fair is throughout the year. She's like her mama. Loves it. We rode the merry-go-round together and she was so very proud of her "most beautiful pony in the world!" She also sang the fair song from Charlotte's Webb the whole ride.

"The fair is a veritable smorgasbord - orgisbord... after the crowds have ceeeeeased!!!"

Like I said, way too much fun. I should be recovered from all the food about the time the next one rolls around. Oy. Too much foods!


  1. You're so cute! I too and still sick from the fair. Bleck. I didn't get to try the green tomatoes though!!!!

    1. Nic and I are on a mission to perfect fried green tomatoes. I will make them for you sometime! So noms!

  2. Those are so easy to make! They're called yo yo's, basically you have a bigger circle, hem/ hand stitch the edge, and pull to gather. Then iron it flat! There should be online tutorials too if you google it :)

    The fair looks like a magical place!!! I've never actually been to a county fair......or state fair......or even a renaissance fair......I KNOW. I'm embarrassed and sad for myself too! I grew up in the Midwest for Pete's sake! :P someday I will have to remedy this. Maybe next year in Idaho :)

    1. THANK YOU!!! That sounds pretty easy. I could do that. It would make an awesome scarf too, dontcha think?

      You have not LIVED until you have gone to a fair. You need to march yourself and your dorky husbandy face over here to Idaho next year so I can give you the whole experience. You will love it, I promise!


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